Monday, December 29, 2008

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Who is bellaswan334 ?

If that's anyone who is reading this guess what you just lost your account
BellaBlue452 you lost your account on the Build a Bear Workshop
jaspersgirl100 you lost your account on Twilight Fans

No I'm not hacking them gee wizz I don't do things like that ...
who ever that is is using my email address to make those accounts, of course the activation and password is being sent to me I'm changing the passwords !!

You use MY email like *doh* something is gunna happen to your account

Friday, November 28, 2008

I'm not that good

I'm not that good, know this for a fact don't go about telling people how wonderful I am boasting to all that can hear because I'm not all that good
If I was magically fantastical with everything we would have 9 working monitors instead of three, and a dozen working printers instead of the few that do work because can't magically fill them with ink ..I'm not that good

If I knew everything it would be boring there wouldn't be anything new left to learn
If I had a darkroom I'd develop my own photographs
If I had a dishwasher the dishes would be washed
A workshop I'd work on the car
but I don't
I don't know everything and I'm not that good, never said I was

What I do know is what I know and how to share it
What I am is straight forward if there is a problem I'll tell you what it is
What I do excel at is double meanings which some just don't get
What I can do is write
What I am isn't perfect and never will be
because no one is perfect and they never can be

Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm telling you he's a plick with ears

No joke that twat next door, the drunken fool upsets the dog yells across the fence at midnight just as I'm about to go to bed that the dogs been barking all night ..blah blah *hic*..fall over in the dark... well don't know if he fell over but he sounded so drunk he possibly did
Anyway the dogs been inside all the time only let her out so she could wee and come back in because the plick with ears taps on his fence so she barks which means I can't leave her outside
besides she don't like being outside at night hates it , ok in the day time but night time she's scared ..woosie dog.
So anyway I yell back at him right mate I'm calling the coppers out on ya, only it's Friday night (Saturday morning) so they're busy aren't they typical hopefully though they will be here tomorrow morning

Had trouble with him before see the goose saga it's on the blog somewhere possibly tagged "dog"
Looks like we might have to take out an AVO on him or maybe a big fat 2 by 4? Just to stop him harassing us by spying on everything we do, the guy is out there at 7am when the hairy one goes off to work, sitting on his back veranda watching , this is the same guy who won't mow his back lawn the bit between the fence and the road because it's the councils job but no one can walk on it as if they would anyway the grass is 6 foot high because it's his
I mow up too but not over his side btw

Oh and it's not just us he harasses either, the neighbour on the other side of him and Greg the lawn mowing guy (2 houses down) and the neighbour on our right I'll swear moved because of him
He won't let his son play with any of the other kids in the street, he's 7 I think and all he does is bounce a football against the wall in his backyard while the other kids are playing in the street.

Here look I'll show you where we live (2 year old Google satelite map), Greg's place has a red roof on the left , ours has an arrow pointing to it (grey roof) in the middle and his (the plick with ears) has a browny red roof on the right... can you see his grass at the back see told you it was long

Pretty bad huh when your long grass shows up on a Google map ...LoL those are trees, you can't really see his grass
Can see the cemetary though ... might even be able to see him sitting hiding on his veranda his head is shiny enough might be able to if you look close
Anyway now it's 2am and I've calmed down a bit I might be able to go to bed now
Stoopid plick hope he did fall over in the dark

Thursday, August 28, 2008


think I was bored before wasn't I?
no idea , was I?

my back is hurting, mowed the lawn I KNOW shock horror amazement the lawn mower actually started wonders will never cease
Might possibly have started because it had a new spark plug and I mean a brand new one this time not an old 2nd hand one in a new looking box that "looked" like it was a brand new one
You know the [smarta$$] cousin he sticks this spark plug in it right when lawn mover was residing at FIL's and tells them its brand new one backside it was and he charged them $5 for it he's such a rip off merchant
Anyway still got a bit of lawn to mow as its a PITB lawn mower one of those with a "deadmans switch" handle means you can't let go of it or it stops and you have to start the dang thing up again, so if you don't have a garden furniture mover handy and you are mowing by yourself, you have to mow around things I mowed around things
kills my back though mowing does must be the vibrations from the mower I don't know as I can push it around ok don't know anyway I'm ok as long as I don't have to bend over and have you seen our fridge?
Our fridge is built for midgets its tiny only about 4 foot tall so getting milk out for my coffee is a bit of a pain
Think I might go to bed and warm my back on the furry one bit like having a furry hot water bottle that snores except he's not made of rubber and he don't make sloshing noises, well he does make noises but its more like a chain saw LoL

anyway cup is empty ..... did you drink that?
find some pain killers and go to bed, made the mistake last night of taking the pain killers before I logged out then of course I was sat here longer because my back wasn't hurting started again when I got into bed, not exactly what I wanted so do it the right way around this time huh

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

its all in the guts

Connect IDE to disk drive making sure cable select is pinned correctly
insert ram horizontally, remove video card for easier insertion and replace
DOS dir a:
BIOS check for master status and boot device
drop screws on floor while trying to tighten up alignment of HDD
insert dummy ROM to cover up fact that rom slot cover is broken
trip over case cover from another computer three or four times

ok you want me to type in English right , not sure if I can had my head stuck inside the computers guts for most of the morning sounds disgusting that does
well it kind of is, was a bit of dust in there
Anyway computer is fixed now Frank the computer that is, he's all back and running again using the parts from another computer yet agian.
Someone broke his face though so it looks like he has two roms (burner and CD) doesn't actually ones a dummy not plugged in because the plastic plate "hole" cover wont stay on now very annoying because that one was painted to match
It should look the same as its partner .. is a silly thing I know but we have matching cases, keyboards and mice only Frank doesn't match now he's slightly "off"
Anyway won't explain what I had to do inside Franks guts if you didn't understand what I wrote first you'll have no idea what I did
No kidding though I wish those pin selectors would come off easier have to use tweezers to get them out and I've dropped one or two inside cases before, things are so tiny and slipperly as well they should have knobs on them so you can get them off easier with your fingers and don't get me going about case wires either change cases the wires for the lights never fit on the pins on the motherboard
The ram wouldn't go in because the Video card was in the way had to take that out to get the ram in and then out it back

Ok I'll shut up I'm talking "computer lingo" again, I've been in the guts I've fixed the guts up and now we have a computer without guts because its guts are in this one, well parts of them anyway
and no I did not put a sheep in the computer LoL that would be silly

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dana! you drink my coffee again??

I'll swear no kidding, Dana is still drinking my coffee

extra long straw that girl has
with all the suction of a Dyson vacuum

back .. ok who typed that bit ?? wasn't me well ok maybe it was LoL
Speaking of the coffee drinker with the long straw, there's a big difference between me and her you know she can sit there and write about things I can't you know, she can write about death and people in her life, how they lived what they were what they still are
I can't almost 3 months now and I've been shoving it back in it hurts you know , hurts too much I can feel it trying to get out and it hurts so I put this big fat band aid over the top of the leak, you know the one the one with the big yellow smiley face on it, I stick that on the leak.
Don't want pity don't want anyone to see me cry , I've been smoking too much, not sleeping well not exactly not sleeping not wanting to go to bed more like it, drinking more coffee than I should doesn't help the fact that the cup is always empty and there's never enough chocolate around here

I'm burying my head in the sand here, not wanting to come out, you know I've played every level of Zoo Tycoon (Dinosaur and Marine upgrade) and made so many themes since the end of May I've lost count, have to keep myself busy can't start thinking can't let it out I'm afraid it wont go back in if I do

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

TP, Wap and Washed Windows

what was I going to write ?? umm shoot forgot anyway I worked out the phone its got an icon thingy I click on that and it takes me to the WAP thingy I can then sign in to emails and stuff
but one problem the dang phone has auto complete I type (well mobile phone type) M which is fine then go to type an "i" but it does put an i? no it does not it puts Miierinda or something flip knows I know it took me 1/2 an hour to type my name out every time I pressed a letter 3 times it made words on me instead which I had to delete
Don't worry I didn't do that while I was in the WAP thing ..only used 95cents of my credit so far and wasn't using up a whole $20 typing my name , anyway have to work out how to turn off the auto complete on it, its a bloomin nuisance if I want to compose the word Missy its press 6 once, 4 three times, 7 eight times and 9 three times
I can TXT faster that way rather than it "thinking" what words I want I can do them myself faster
So still haven't been able to email from the phone .. could get stuff for it I spose maybe a Guns n Roses ring tone ? anything would be better than that stupid ones that are loaded on it rap cr*ap whoops did I type an a there I did didn't I oh well LoL

What the heck was the other thing? Ummm I washed windows today can see out now, don't think that was it though that's pretty boring apart from the fact that I had to do them with TP because I didn't have newspaper ..who buys newspapers nowadays? Anyway didn't have any and I'm looking at this terrible cheap TP and I thought well its paper isn't it ..shut up with the laughing( I know you are don't deny it) it worked thank you very much

Speaking of the TP this batch is terrible you heard the saying "thin as TP" well this fits it no kidding you have to use twice as much because its so thin, silly thing is right it's cheap BUT because we are using twice as much it's not saving a dang thing ..not getting that agian

Thursday, July 24, 2008

on a go slow ..and how do you use this thing??

Having a hard time opening pages at the moment , our internet is on a go slow
used it all up I think and have to wait till the end of the month til it comes back fast again when is that next week I think
anyway bit slow at the moment and it ain't me

In other news I've got a new mobile phone ..its a metallic pink Motorola got a camera on it and it does other things as well ..hasn't rung yet then again this is me, my phone never rings the house phone does but my mobile doesn't
have to work out how to get pics from the mobile onto here ..or somewhere no idea how you upload the things onto a place like here no idea how to get them onto the comp either oh well
and no I don't have a book for it ..its new one for me but its a 2nd hand one about 2 years old
got given one before exactly the same had the charger but it didn't work was my nieces and her son had thrown it in the bath, this one that works which didn't have a charger or a book is from the nephews girlfriend ..confused yet ?
Two phones both exactly the same and I've ended up with one that works ..can even charge it up and it has flashing lights and makes noises kinda neat
Now all I want is a new battery for the "antique" Nokia brick love that one it doesn't do photos doesn't do Mp3's it's just cool and as big as my handbag won't loose that one in a hurry LoL

So how do you do things on one of these fancy phones never had one before and seeing as my pages are slow as a wet week may as well learn how to use the dang thing even if it never rings ..flip me if my phone rings I jump out of my skin wondering what the noise is
I'm serious about not knowing here btw ...tell me how do you do email and stuff like that on one of these phones???

and if you know my number it's the same ..same number just "new" phone is all
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Friday, June 20, 2008

get on with it!

I'm telling you don't do it, no kidding don't ..oh you did didn't you , couldn't help it could you , you just had to go ahead and do it
Look at the mess you've made now , its all over the place and you are sat in it as well, why do they allways sit in it?

I'm not cleaning this mess up you realise, no not doing it you are going to have to clean this one up all by yourself , last time you did this it took 2 weeks of scrubbing to get this place cleaned up.

Now you have gone and done it again , I'm not happy you know
I want this place cleaned up by tommorrow at the latest , you hear me
What was that ? Did I hear sorry? Don't think I did you know , you do know how to say the word don't you its not that difficult.

Look I've had enough of you, this had better be cleaned up next time I look or you won't play in here agian
What you don't realise, this isn't just your area you have messed up , its not mine either it belongs to everyone and I want to see you down on your hands and knees scrubbing this place clean , not for me for everyone else
You haven't just let me down but everyone else as well , we aren't happy not one bit

Now get on with it!

I'm posting this here as well so it will cross post too blogger/multiply

Monday, June 2, 2008

Mothers and sisters

Only got one mother and one sister (TG for that)
my sister my little big sister whos only 5' 3" but 12 years older than me is a nut job
My poor mother was going insane with her around , I mean look ok she cleaned up and dusted for mum who doesn't dust or vaccuum like ever , my dad used to do that and since he's been sick mums had a cleaner come in but the cleaner was organised via the nursing home so seeing as my dad is longer there no cleaner
Thing is right my sister cleaned the furniture and dusted alright but no kidding you should have seen the kitchen floor , think it was polenta from the "thing" she was making I dunno what it was some kind of flat bread with no taste at all anyway most of it was on the floor
Still trying to get my head around her new hubbie ok so he's Indian and a Muslim that doesn't worry me he's very quiet and has no idea what you are saying half the time but he's only 36 years old that's younger than me, she's old enough to be his mother
Poor little bugga didn't get his dinner till 8pm the other night even though he's Muslim you should have seen his eyes light up when mum offered to get pizza for dinner but my sister says "but I'm cooking" this was at 6pm only took her another 2 hours for the food to arrive Mum had cooked for herself by then
Oh my sister keeps hiding stuff on mum as well , ok not exactly hiding but putting stuff away in the wrong places I was chasing her around and putting them back were they should go
Yes mum does need organising and I could have stayed another week down there , see that's what I used to do for mum clean the fridge out tidy cupboards that kind of thing not move stuff or make more mess
See I lived with mum and dad for longer than she did I got married at 19 and that's when I moved out only moving up the road , my sister stayed in England when we moved to Australia she was 17-18 , came to OZ when she was 24 but didn't live long in mum and dads house
I've lived with them longer I KNOW where stuff goes , even though mum has moved house the "things" are still in the same places you don't move stuff or mum can't find it and if you make mess you clean it up or its still there next time.

I think my sister will be ending up a little shorter soon because mum is going to whop her on the head with the frying pan

Saturday, May 24, 2008

For my dad

My dad

He stands with his hands on his hips

He’s slightly stooped

He coughs from the coal dust of many years ago

Thin and grey now

But I remember a tall middle aged man

Who would sit me on his lap and let me stroke his fine black hair

Already starting to grey a little by the time I was born

That’s my dad

A great grand father

Like his clock

Tall but slightly battered through travels of many countries

But now my dad has Parkinson’s his hands wobble

He has trouble moving

His clock a great, great grandfather of a clock will outlast him

Like it has other generations of our family

It outlasts him now ... my dad just died

Sunday, May 18, 2008

This is Multiply not Myspace

As a girl on my contacts list says "Some people just don't get Multiply"
which they don't of course they treat it like MySpace glitter this and music that adding everyone they can get their hands on
You know how many invites she gets in an hour? At least 3 or 4 not per day not per week but per HOUR , same with me sometimes I've gotten a few at a time even been pressing the decline button and theres another one popped up.
You know why I decline ? You read what it says on my page .... you have well they haven't
See what happens is this I post on somewhere like Customised Themes they see my post come up and they don't even look at the post just click my headshot and invite
They don't care who I am, don't even know I don't speak their language just straight out invite
What am I a thing to collect... listen I don't care if I haven't got 1 million friends this is Multiply not Myspace there is no popularity competition here
You know I happened to get on the top 20 MySpace most popular blogs once how or why I have no idea but I did, was nominated for best blog on 360 as well (Aussie 360) AND won a Cherry award but this is Multiply not Myspace or 360
I keep my friends list low and my group participation high I like it like that
don't count numbers or page views either lets see what have I got
viewed 6186 times by 2961 people since Nov 16, 2007
Had to go look because I NEVER look ..honestly I don't care to look

Don't need a pile of teenage girls on my list either Micheal wouldn't mind your invites though he's a teenage boy I'm not I'm 40+ years old
My own daughter is 18 don't think I need to be mother to a pile more teenage girls they make too much mess for a start

So yeah do you think some people think that Multiply is a version of Myspace or a more glittery HTML enabled version of 360 because I sure do

Saturday, May 3, 2008

someone make me a coffee please

anyone? don't care if it's cold ..actually yeah I do BRB then if you ain't gonna make me one I'll get it me self

Now that's just great that is now me jama pants are falling down ..thanks
should tie em up huh ..would be easier they wouldn't fall down then
I still got some chocolate left ... you know the fruit and NUT chocolate the one that "may contain peanuts" like *doh* really I should hope it does its fruit and nut chocolate what else would be in it..flipping oysters?
OWW now that I hate straight out the fridge the chocolates too hard annoying that is I don't need to be shoving 4 squares of choc in my mouth all at once..break will ya.
mmmanymay mits gong mow
whoops sorry about that can't talk with choc in mouth

So what you doing up at what 2.48am eating chocolate you ask? Well the big furry fing has a "Man Cold" oh lordy, lordy when he ain't snoring he's coughing, when he ain't coughing he's sniffing and all the time moaning .. men they are wimps its a cold for flips sake get ya own lemon drink ..ok complain when I make ya one then ..oh it won't hurt ya it's not poison its got honey lemon and water in it, no you don't sniff it with a scrunched up face you drink it
You would think I was trying to force it down his throat or I'd put what some *shock* Vegemite in it ... he don't like Vegemite ... I know weird huh he's born here he's more Aussie than me and he don't like it something very wrong there I recon
Anyway he's snoring ..sounds like a chain saw cross steam train cross jackhammer he keeps me awake all night is moaning all day so you wonder why I'm so tired
You know what I almost did before almost posted a theme on a group that doesn't do themes whoops ..that's what ya get when ya tired
You can tell can't ya I talk too much when I'm over tired.. don't I yep yep I do.. ok I'll shut up now and yes I know spull chuck befour posting

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Its all white

I was told I must blog ..apparently I haven't been blogging well I've been busy haven't I
look see I've been painting

I painted the Gnomes all 7 and Snow White

I painted pots

I've painted the lions ..second one is peeking out from behind the plants
No I'm not going to paint the ceramic glazed pots ..I'm crazy but I'm not silly I don't paint over glazed ceramics

I even painted the table ..well it ended up with paint on it so kinda had too

So see I've been painting, I painted by hands, I painted my clothes and I painted the grass too :-D

If you look in the wheelbarrow you will see old rusty paint cans they are going to the dump but some had paint in them, and well couldn't waste it could I
but first I had to get the lids off of course the only ones that I could get the lids off were cans containing blue and white paint ..I went with white the blue even though it drys all nice and shiny is oil based and is a devil to clean up and well I just get paint everywhere so water based is better for my clothes is ok for Gnomes ( I know they are Dwarfs) though

Think I got paint in my hair as well it's a bit hard to tell though that white paint or grey hair??

Thursday, April 17, 2008


What is a classic?
A classic TV show that is, see we sit down in front of the TV and the cable TV puts on these so called "classic" TV shows ...Everyone Loves Raymond and The Nanny
Now as far as I'm concerned a classic TV show is something like say Land of the Giants or I love Lucy
A classic should be at least 20 years old at least, now either the people who work at the cable TV station are like 3 years old or something or they have no idea what "Classic" means

What is your favourite classic TV show so I can email these young pups and tell them what shows really are classics

Yes I made that image ...its supposed to be a theme but so far all I've got is that image.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Does anyone.....

Watch American Idol?

I wanna know who won/wins AI 7
The only reason they are showing it here at all is because there's a pseudo Aussie in it, he's not of course wouldn't be on the show if he was you have to be a US citizen to be on he ain't Aussie is he, the bloke don't even have a proper Aussie accent.

Ok so its so totally fake and boring boring isn't the word more like drawn out OMG do they go on and on and on I could cut every episode down to 20 minutes.
Anyway does anyone know who wins? We are a bit slow here you know I haven't even seen the second series of Lost yet or the third of Prison Break and they are showing AI

Friday, March 21, 2008

Am I racist?

You tell me

I mean look I don't hate anyone ...
well ok I dislike "snooty" people who think they know everything when they don't.
I don't like people with an "I'm better than you" attitude.
Or folks who jump to conclusions or accuse me of something that I've never done (like the guy next door accusing our dog of attacking his goose..goose is now gone from his yard wasn't our dog.. no apologies from him yet)
Religious "pushers" I can't stand, God is everywhere I don't need Him pushed up my nose, nor can I stand a religion that persecutes women and makes them cover up, its no wonder their men goggle at any "female" skin they see ..they've never seen any before
And repeaters, seen it, heard it shut up already.

I think tattoos are cool, bikers are great, the guy in the bread shop still can't say my name even after 5 years but hey I'm getting used to being called Flan
Cuddly people are wonderful, mines a bit furry as well though

I've never said the "N" word or the "C" word at anyone, can't say them won't say them

I never even thought about Obama being the "race" he is ..what ever that is it doesn't matter too me anyway he won't be my president and its polices that matter, he could be green for all I care. Only "race" he is in is the political one.

I grew up watching a damn sexy woman on a TV show, first woman to have a major role sure she wore a short skirt but all the woman on that show did, one of the other stars wore pointy ears too ... I liked the short skirt ..the ears I'm not sure of.
That same show dealt with "race" once, a planet where one half was persecuted for being white on the left and black on the right or was it the other way around? Doesn't matter the point of that episode proved it didn't matter the colour of your skin you are all the same

We are all people underneath, we all bleed red blood all descended from the same two people or apes which ever way you want to call it ... I'm a firm believer in both actually and yes you can have both.

So am I or aren't I?

Its 5.30am

Thank you very much
see that 5.30AM!

I am still in a pissy mood, ok, ok so there is a Lebanon in the US but dang it all that was NOT the Lebanon being discussed

, officially the Republic of Lebanon or Lebanese Republic, is a small, predominantly mountainous country in Western Asia, on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea.
The Mediterranean is a sea of the Atlantic Ocean almost completely enclosed by land: on the north by Europe, on the south by Africa, and on the east by Asia.
Asia is the world's largest and most populous continent. It covers 8.6% of the Earth's total surface area (or 29.4% of its land area) and, with almost 4 billion people, it contains more than 60% of the world's current human population.
Asia is traditionally defined as part of the landmass of Eurasia
Eurasia is a large landmass covering roughly 53,990,000 km² which is 10.6 percent of the surface of the Earth. Sometimes considered a single continent, Eurasia comprises the geo-political areas of Europe and Asia,
--sources Wilkapedia

That Lebanon ..the one on the other side of the world
NOT the Lebanon in Ohio **rolls eyes**
Do we know where Lebanon is now?
Question is did anyone look up Parkes ?
Not North Parkes USA not Walter Parkes producer of Twister(1996)
Parkes NSW .. oh never mind just go rent The Dish

Oh and just a note don't call me narrow minded when you are yourself or imply that I am stupid when you don't even know where Lebanon is .
I'm not often on a rant these days but no kidding narrow minded, blinker wearing people p*ss me off big time
See the big picture ..go rent The Dish

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Brainwashing? Try some toilet paper

My country is the best
My country is the most excellent
No other country is better than mine
We are bigger stronger and more powerful than any other country
We smell better than anyone else
Our country wins wars all by itself
Our country is the best and the biggest in the world

Say those over and over, salute your flag every day

Be brainwashed but remember the rest of the world is laughing at you

You use more paper than the rest of the world "The pentagon uses, on average, about 666 rolls of toilet paper every day."-source Wilkapedia, use more energy than the rest of the world and don’t care about the environment or your own starving countrymen.
Bigheaded, pigheaded and full of it …it’s no wonder your country is in the top 10 users of toilet paper in the entire world.

Your country isn’t bigger than any other country its not less racist, it’s not more educated either, half of your country wouldn’t even know where to place the other half of it on a map never mind where the other continents are
You rely on the media to teach your children Spanish and numbers, ask someone in your country who on Seasame St teaches numbers they will tell you, ask them who the Prime Minister of France is they will say “What’s a prime minister?”

You say you are at “war” you don’t know what war is, have you or anyone you know had to shelter from gunfire everyday apart from the gunfire of your own? Have you ever had bombs dropped on you everyday for years? Two bombings on your soil do not make you a target for war, those where wakeup calls to a country that is so full of it, it doesn’t care unless provoked.

Facts are that the world is laughing, the world thinks you are greedy and obnoxious arrogant and rude, you as a country are not the world power that you think you are.
You are not, as a country out for peace the most peaceful countries in the world are far from you and its their countrymen and women that run your country they make your goods they make your clothes without them your country would fail miserably.

So what if you got to the moon first, without the Parkes telescope you wouldn’t have seen it broadcasted. You do know where that is don’t you?

Monday, March 10, 2008

I have a complaint

When I buy a chocolate biscuit (cookie) I want to eat the thing not have to hit it with a sledge hammer first.
The chocolate comes off all over my fingers, the actual biscuit itself is so hard that I can't bite it, would break my teeth on it if I tried
So I've been breaking one in half just so I can fit half in my mouth then have a drink of coffee to soften the half up.
Can't dip it in the coffee all the chocolate would come off in my coffee and I'd still be left with a hard tile like biscuit
I'm waiting for the rest of the packet to go stale they might be a bit softer then
I could use them to tile the floor I spose but chocolate coming off in between my toes isn't something I want I'd rather have the chocolate in my mouth

And no I am not going to just lick the chocolate off either and give the biscuit part to the dog ..might break the dogs teeth

These are NOT the ones in that picture ... these are no name brand ones and I'm not buying them again ..think they swapped them for house bricks at the factory

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Price of fuel .. warning contains Math

Yesterday I bought 10 litres of fuel for the car, unleaded for the White Magna (its the FIL's)

Now that 10 litres of fuel cost me $15 with a 42 cent discount fuel voucher total was $14.62
or $3.95 for 3.79 litres (ONE US gallon)
Now that's still in AU money so let me convert that for you, it works out to $3.66 in US dollars or $3.66 per gallon

1 US gallon = 3.79 Litres
$1.44 AUD = $1.33618 USD

10 litres of fuel or 2.64 gallons of fuel cost me $13.95 in US money!

Now who exacly is paying more for fuel?
How many of you who live in the US pay $13 for two and a half gallons of fuel?

Don't know why you complain about the price ...your fuel prices are cheap!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'm wearing a bucket

just a bucket
nothing else
its got flowers on it
you can put fish in it
or a sponge for cleaning things

Its 5am here
I need to sleep but can't
I lie in bed thinking
brain going million miles an hour
what can I do next
how can I do that
I sleep for a while then the phone rings
or the snoring wakes me
Shouldn't even be on here now
should be sleeping but I can't
too much to do
too much too think about
Old magazines
New desks
Elephants and Spawn
Not looking at spoilers of Lost
Want to know who wins American Idol instead
Want to know why that judge on that show doesn't take a happy pill

Think I'll be seeing another sunrise soon
Which is good in a way
means I'm still alive

Saturday, March 1, 2008


I want one ..
No seriously haven't got one always wanted one.. butterfly on my ankle if you must know

Thing is though this young lad I know (extended family) just got a tattoo on his arm and you know what the first words out of my mouth were? "Is it a stick on one?" because that is exactly what it looks like it looks like one of those stick on temporary ones looks like he's licked it stuck it in his left hand and gone plonk stuck it between his elbow and shoulder
It looks wrong, totally wrong ..wrong place for one
The nephew came over this morning and he's got the same tattoo ( must have been a job lot) but his is up higher on his arm just under his shoulder his doesn't look stuck on it looks cool
The other lad his just looks bad

I had my ears pierced 3 times in each ear by the time I was 14 , always wanted more but ran out of soft part on my ear, now of course I could get one up the top through the cartilage
Its fashion all these kids with piercings and I'm like yeah so I had six piercings in 1980
Back then of course if a boy had both ears pierced he was gay "left ear only" was straight guys different now of course

Anyway back to tattoos but still about piercings is it the place that makes the tattoo look cool? The Nephew has an excellent Reaper on his left shoulder blade and an Iron Cross on his arm, his tattoos look cool, the other lad well I'll swear he doesn't like girls if it was 1980 he would have both ears pierced ..if his next one is a butterfly on his ankle I'll know for sure

Are there "girls" tattoos for girly places on the body and "manly" tattoos and places for men?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Oh no you aren't ...Feb 24th 08

You know when you ask someone if they are ok and they say "yeah fine" and you know they aren't
Well tonight here's the FIL being carted off to hospital in an ambulance and yeah he's saying "I'm fine" which of course he wasn't ..will be of course in a few days hopefully but he definitely wasn't fine
See the FIL lives with Keef the BIL, Keef of course lost his leg due to diabetic complications and the FIL had a triple bypass about 3 years ago so we had one looking after the other then the other one looking after him
Keef gets around ok now he's got his leg you know the one you can take off at night saves on socks as well, he's fine but the FIL is still stressing over him well ok more like fussing and he wont say if he's not feeling good which he wasn't so he ends up getting worse because he wont say and doesn't want to worry Keef
I know silly isn't it

Yeah right he was "fine" wasn't fine at all ... flipping should have said something
This is a family with high BP and high blood sugar levels they are all diabetics as well its not good to say "I'm fine" when you aren't that's why Keef saves on socks now, he was "fine" till he ended up on the table ..and not the kitchen table either

Friday, February 22, 2008

more power grrrr ...Feb 23rd 08

guess what we got a camera dock but where to plug the thing in unless I snake a power cord across the room, 3 double power points in here ( 2 with power boards on them) and no where to plug the camera dock in typical that is
Why do most houses have the power boards on the floor? Well on the wall but may as well be on the floor flipping silly that is
When my mum built her house she got the power points put in 3 foot up the wall, except in my room electrician did my room first and mum yelled at him "Oi put em in the right place" and he goes "this one is" pointing to the one he's just put in (in my room) and she's like "you moron what's the good of that with it down there you can't get to the thing to plug anything in"
So yeah my power point was the only one in the house that was always under, behind and a flipping nuisance to get too
The ones here are like that got one in the lounge room that never gets used unless you move the chair then if I plug anything into it the dog who loves going behind the chair pulls the plugs out I go to turn the light on and nothing ...pulled out again grrrr

Oh and for those of you who don't live here our plugs have 3 pins like these

if you are interested you can click that image if you want it will take you to the site its from
AC/DC power of course ..which is where the group gots its name ... off a vacuumm cleaner

Oh another link just too go completely off topic AUTO LINKS In Your Notes & Replies
try it its fun

Thursday, February 21, 2008

yes dear...

I did wash the floor
I did do the dishes (I hate dishes too )
Did get out of my PJ's even though I am back in them now
Found some of my old pics hiding on Flickr and Photobucket, that flower is one of them
Got the printer working .. helps if its plugged in BTW
Started work on "Thunderbirds" theme
Had sardines for lunch
I did a lot today even washed my hair 4 hours ago mind you and its still wet
can't go to bed with it wet either I'll get the flu or turn blue or get a wet pillow something like that anyway

and seeing as its learn about Memes at the moment you can do this too ..only don't turn blue ..something about Smurfs ?? Oh yeah what colour does a Smurf turn when you strangle it?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


What is the definition of "rude"
is it naked offensive type rude, swearing type rude, argumentative rude?
"Shit te F8ck up moron"
"You are wrong, I'm right"

Or is it sarcastic rude
"are you sure you don't go to work on the yellow bus?"

What is "rude" ?
See sometimes I come across as rude I know I do, specially when the other person doesn't know me, I am offensive I know I am but I can't help it its the sarcasm
Thing is though I do know some people (via groups) who honestly well our budgie has a bigger brain, you deal with folks like that all day carefully explaining to them how to tie their shoes or not eat the glue you deal with people like that every day well some times the "rude" just comes out ...."here we go another show tying session...*rolls eyes* " ask Dave about changing usernames, he's got a stock comment for that question, which of course can sound "rude" specially if you don't know why he answers like that.
I offend some people I know I do but I'm not sticking my finger in their face and abusing them just being myself ...still come across as rude though

What is "rude" anyway?

Monday, February 18, 2008


I'm surrounded by idiots
"How do I install Multiply on my computer" is a good one ....the answer is you don't
No kidding some people should be wearing a hard hat and travelling on the yellow bus

The best one was the moron who posted some huge image on one of my blog entries, an image of naked women mind you, of course on their page it said "No images allowed, HTML turned off" that of course is an idiot with arrogance and was just plain old rude

A people who firmly believe that the so called war in Iraq is a war on terror are also fools themselves ..its a war about OIL about money and power and that is it! Nothing more nothing less
Arrogant idiots who think they rule the world ...which of course they don't but being idiots they don't know that
Wasters of power, fuel and the environment who think things like Seinfeld are funny, who have been brainwashed into thinking that their country was discovered in 1492 when that spanish guy sailed the ocean blue, a people who delegate their own natives to reservations yet send money to "poor" counties for so called aid, aid that comes back and bites them literally in the face in the form of guns and drugs

Yes there are idiots all around some of course are less arrogant than others , they are descended from the real "first" people, they live their lives being told that they are mean and wrong for standing up against authority and telling them to shut up . They live from the land or see the world from its real perspective not its disjointed stretched view.

Not arrogant, not rude, not loud or argumentative these are the smart people these are the intelligent ones ...the rest are just idiots