Tuesday, July 29, 2008

TP, Wap and Washed Windows

what was I going to write ?? umm shoot forgot anyway I worked out the phone its got an icon thingy I click on that and it takes me to the WAP thingy I can then sign in to emails and stuff
but one problem the dang phone has auto complete I type (well mobile phone type) M which is fine then go to type an "i" but it does put an i? no it does not it puts Miierinda or something flip knows I know it took me 1/2 an hour to type my name out every time I pressed a letter 3 times it made words on me instead which I had to delete
Don't worry I didn't do that while I was in the WAP thing ..only used 95cents of my credit so far and wasn't using up a whole $20 typing my name , anyway have to work out how to turn off the auto complete on it, its a bloomin nuisance if I want to compose the word Missy its press 6 once, 4 three times, 7 eight times and 9 three times
I can TXT faster that way rather than it "thinking" what words I want I can do them myself faster
So still haven't been able to email from the phone .. could get stuff for it I spose maybe a Guns n Roses ring tone ? anything would be better than that stupid ones that are loaded on it rap cr*ap whoops did I type an a there I did didn't I oh well LoL

What the heck was the other thing? Ummm I washed windows today can see out now, don't think that was it though that's pretty boring apart from the fact that I had to do them with TP because I didn't have newspaper ..who buys newspapers nowadays? Anyway didn't have any and I'm looking at this terrible cheap TP and I thought well its paper isn't it ..shut up with the laughing( I know you are don't deny it) it worked thank you very much

Speaking of the TP this batch is terrible you heard the saying "thin as TP" well this fits it no kidding you have to use twice as much because its so thin, silly thing is right it's cheap BUT because we are using twice as much it's not saving a dang thing ..not getting that agian

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