Saturday, April 26, 2008

Its all white

I was told I must blog ..apparently I haven't been blogging well I've been busy haven't I
look see I've been painting

I painted the Gnomes all 7 and Snow White

I painted pots

I've painted the lions ..second one is peeking out from behind the plants
No I'm not going to paint the ceramic glazed pots ..I'm crazy but I'm not silly I don't paint over glazed ceramics

I even painted the table ..well it ended up with paint on it so kinda had too

So see I've been painting, I painted by hands, I painted my clothes and I painted the grass too :-D

If you look in the wheelbarrow you will see old rusty paint cans they are going to the dump but some had paint in them, and well couldn't waste it could I
but first I had to get the lids off of course the only ones that I could get the lids off were cans containing blue and white paint ..I went with white the blue even though it drys all nice and shiny is oil based and is a devil to clean up and well I just get paint everywhere so water based is better for my clothes is ok for Gnomes ( I know they are Dwarfs) though

Think I got paint in my hair as well it's a bit hard to tell though that white paint or grey hair??

Thursday, April 17, 2008


What is a classic?
A classic TV show that is, see we sit down in front of the TV and the cable TV puts on these so called "classic" TV shows ...Everyone Loves Raymond and The Nanny
Now as far as I'm concerned a classic TV show is something like say Land of the Giants or I love Lucy
A classic should be at least 20 years old at least, now either the people who work at the cable TV station are like 3 years old or something or they have no idea what "Classic" means

What is your favourite classic TV show so I can email these young pups and tell them what shows really are classics

Yes I made that image ...its supposed to be a theme but so far all I've got is that image.