Saturday, March 29, 2008

Does anyone.....

Watch American Idol?

I wanna know who won/wins AI 7
The only reason they are showing it here at all is because there's a pseudo Aussie in it, he's not of course wouldn't be on the show if he was you have to be a US citizen to be on he ain't Aussie is he, the bloke don't even have a proper Aussie accent.

Ok so its so totally fake and boring boring isn't the word more like drawn out OMG do they go on and on and on I could cut every episode down to 20 minutes.
Anyway does anyone know who wins? We are a bit slow here you know I haven't even seen the second series of Lost yet or the third of Prison Break and they are showing AI

Friday, March 21, 2008

Am I racist?

You tell me

I mean look I don't hate anyone ...
well ok I dislike "snooty" people who think they know everything when they don't.
I don't like people with an "I'm better than you" attitude.
Or folks who jump to conclusions or accuse me of something that I've never done (like the guy next door accusing our dog of attacking his goose..goose is now gone from his yard wasn't our dog.. no apologies from him yet)
Religious "pushers" I can't stand, God is everywhere I don't need Him pushed up my nose, nor can I stand a religion that persecutes women and makes them cover up, its no wonder their men goggle at any "female" skin they see ..they've never seen any before
And repeaters, seen it, heard it shut up already.

I think tattoos are cool, bikers are great, the guy in the bread shop still can't say my name even after 5 years but hey I'm getting used to being called Flan
Cuddly people are wonderful, mines a bit furry as well though

I've never said the "N" word or the "C" word at anyone, can't say them won't say them

I never even thought about Obama being the "race" he is ..what ever that is it doesn't matter too me anyway he won't be my president and its polices that matter, he could be green for all I care. Only "race" he is in is the political one.

I grew up watching a damn sexy woman on a TV show, first woman to have a major role sure she wore a short skirt but all the woman on that show did, one of the other stars wore pointy ears too ... I liked the short skirt ..the ears I'm not sure of.
That same show dealt with "race" once, a planet where one half was persecuted for being white on the left and black on the right or was it the other way around? Doesn't matter the point of that episode proved it didn't matter the colour of your skin you are all the same

We are all people underneath, we all bleed red blood all descended from the same two people or apes which ever way you want to call it ... I'm a firm believer in both actually and yes you can have both.

So am I or aren't I?

Its 5.30am

Thank you very much
see that 5.30AM!

I am still in a pissy mood, ok, ok so there is a Lebanon in the US but dang it all that was NOT the Lebanon being discussed

, officially the Republic of Lebanon or Lebanese Republic, is a small, predominantly mountainous country in Western Asia, on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea.
The Mediterranean is a sea of the Atlantic Ocean almost completely enclosed by land: on the north by Europe, on the south by Africa, and on the east by Asia.
Asia is the world's largest and most populous continent. It covers 8.6% of the Earth's total surface area (or 29.4% of its land area) and, with almost 4 billion people, it contains more than 60% of the world's current human population.
Asia is traditionally defined as part of the landmass of Eurasia
Eurasia is a large landmass covering roughly 53,990,000 km² which is 10.6 percent of the surface of the Earth. Sometimes considered a single continent, Eurasia comprises the geo-political areas of Europe and Asia,
--sources Wilkapedia

That Lebanon ..the one on the other side of the world
NOT the Lebanon in Ohio **rolls eyes**
Do we know where Lebanon is now?
Question is did anyone look up Parkes ?
Not North Parkes USA not Walter Parkes producer of Twister(1996)
Parkes NSW .. oh never mind just go rent The Dish

Oh and just a note don't call me narrow minded when you are yourself or imply that I am stupid when you don't even know where Lebanon is .
I'm not often on a rant these days but no kidding narrow minded, blinker wearing people p*ss me off big time
See the big picture ..go rent The Dish

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Brainwashing? Try some toilet paper

My country is the best
My country is the most excellent
No other country is better than mine
We are bigger stronger and more powerful than any other country
We smell better than anyone else
Our country wins wars all by itself
Our country is the best and the biggest in the world

Say those over and over, salute your flag every day

Be brainwashed but remember the rest of the world is laughing at you

You use more paper than the rest of the world "The pentagon uses, on average, about 666 rolls of toilet paper every day."-source Wilkapedia, use more energy than the rest of the world and don’t care about the environment or your own starving countrymen.
Bigheaded, pigheaded and full of it …it’s no wonder your country is in the top 10 users of toilet paper in the entire world.

Your country isn’t bigger than any other country its not less racist, it’s not more educated either, half of your country wouldn’t even know where to place the other half of it on a map never mind where the other continents are
You rely on the media to teach your children Spanish and numbers, ask someone in your country who on Seasame St teaches numbers they will tell you, ask them who the Prime Minister of France is they will say “What’s a prime minister?”

You say you are at “war” you don’t know what war is, have you or anyone you know had to shelter from gunfire everyday apart from the gunfire of your own? Have you ever had bombs dropped on you everyday for years? Two bombings on your soil do not make you a target for war, those where wakeup calls to a country that is so full of it, it doesn’t care unless provoked.

Facts are that the world is laughing, the world thinks you are greedy and obnoxious arrogant and rude, you as a country are not the world power that you think you are.
You are not, as a country out for peace the most peaceful countries in the world are far from you and its their countrymen and women that run your country they make your goods they make your clothes without them your country would fail miserably.

So what if you got to the moon first, without the Parkes telescope you wouldn’t have seen it broadcasted. You do know where that is don’t you?

Monday, March 10, 2008

I have a complaint

When I buy a chocolate biscuit (cookie) I want to eat the thing not have to hit it with a sledge hammer first.
The chocolate comes off all over my fingers, the actual biscuit itself is so hard that I can't bite it, would break my teeth on it if I tried
So I've been breaking one in half just so I can fit half in my mouth then have a drink of coffee to soften the half up.
Can't dip it in the coffee all the chocolate would come off in my coffee and I'd still be left with a hard tile like biscuit
I'm waiting for the rest of the packet to go stale they might be a bit softer then
I could use them to tile the floor I spose but chocolate coming off in between my toes isn't something I want I'd rather have the chocolate in my mouth

And no I am not going to just lick the chocolate off either and give the biscuit part to the dog ..might break the dogs teeth

These are NOT the ones in that picture ... these are no name brand ones and I'm not buying them again ..think they swapped them for house bricks at the factory

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Price of fuel .. warning contains Math

Yesterday I bought 10 litres of fuel for the car, unleaded for the White Magna (its the FIL's)

Now that 10 litres of fuel cost me $15 with a 42 cent discount fuel voucher total was $14.62
or $3.95 for 3.79 litres (ONE US gallon)
Now that's still in AU money so let me convert that for you, it works out to $3.66 in US dollars or $3.66 per gallon

1 US gallon = 3.79 Litres
$1.44 AUD = $1.33618 USD

10 litres of fuel or 2.64 gallons of fuel cost me $13.95 in US money!

Now who exacly is paying more for fuel?
How many of you who live in the US pay $13 for two and a half gallons of fuel?

Don't know why you complain about the price ...your fuel prices are cheap!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'm wearing a bucket

just a bucket
nothing else
its got flowers on it
you can put fish in it
or a sponge for cleaning things

Its 5am here
I need to sleep but can't
I lie in bed thinking
brain going million miles an hour
what can I do next
how can I do that
I sleep for a while then the phone rings
or the snoring wakes me
Shouldn't even be on here now
should be sleeping but I can't
too much to do
too much too think about
Old magazines
New desks
Elephants and Spawn
Not looking at spoilers of Lost
Want to know who wins American Idol instead
Want to know why that judge on that show doesn't take a happy pill

Think I'll be seeing another sunrise soon
Which is good in a way
means I'm still alive

Saturday, March 1, 2008


I want one ..
No seriously haven't got one always wanted one.. butterfly on my ankle if you must know

Thing is though this young lad I know (extended family) just got a tattoo on his arm and you know what the first words out of my mouth were? "Is it a stick on one?" because that is exactly what it looks like it looks like one of those stick on temporary ones looks like he's licked it stuck it in his left hand and gone plonk stuck it between his elbow and shoulder
It looks wrong, totally wrong ..wrong place for one
The nephew came over this morning and he's got the same tattoo ( must have been a job lot) but his is up higher on his arm just under his shoulder his doesn't look stuck on it looks cool
The other lad his just looks bad

I had my ears pierced 3 times in each ear by the time I was 14 , always wanted more but ran out of soft part on my ear, now of course I could get one up the top through the cartilage
Its fashion all these kids with piercings and I'm like yeah so I had six piercings in 1980
Back then of course if a boy had both ears pierced he was gay "left ear only" was straight guys different now of course

Anyway back to tattoos but still about piercings is it the place that makes the tattoo look cool? The Nephew has an excellent Reaper on his left shoulder blade and an Iron Cross on his arm, his tattoos look cool, the other lad well I'll swear he doesn't like girls if it was 1980 he would have both ears pierced ..if his next one is a butterfly on his ankle I'll know for sure

Are there "girls" tattoos for girly places on the body and "manly" tattoos and places for men?