Monday, March 10, 2008

I have a complaint

When I buy a chocolate biscuit (cookie) I want to eat the thing not have to hit it with a sledge hammer first.
The chocolate comes off all over my fingers, the actual biscuit itself is so hard that I can't bite it, would break my teeth on it if I tried
So I've been breaking one in half just so I can fit half in my mouth then have a drink of coffee to soften the half up.
Can't dip it in the coffee all the chocolate would come off in my coffee and I'd still be left with a hard tile like biscuit
I'm waiting for the rest of the packet to go stale they might be a bit softer then
I could use them to tile the floor I spose but chocolate coming off in between my toes isn't something I want I'd rather have the chocolate in my mouth

And no I am not going to just lick the chocolate off either and give the biscuit part to the dog ..might break the dogs teeth

These are NOT the ones in that picture ... these are no name brand ones and I'm not buying them again ..think they swapped them for house bricks at the factory

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