Friday, March 21, 2008

Am I racist?

You tell me

I mean look I don't hate anyone ...
well ok I dislike "snooty" people who think they know everything when they don't.
I don't like people with an "I'm better than you" attitude.
Or folks who jump to conclusions or accuse me of something that I've never done (like the guy next door accusing our dog of attacking his goose..goose is now gone from his yard wasn't our dog.. no apologies from him yet)
Religious "pushers" I can't stand, God is everywhere I don't need Him pushed up my nose, nor can I stand a religion that persecutes women and makes them cover up, its no wonder their men goggle at any "female" skin they see ..they've never seen any before
And repeaters, seen it, heard it shut up already.

I think tattoos are cool, bikers are great, the guy in the bread shop still can't say my name even after 5 years but hey I'm getting used to being called Flan
Cuddly people are wonderful, mines a bit furry as well though

I've never said the "N" word or the "C" word at anyone, can't say them won't say them

I never even thought about Obama being the "race" he is ..what ever that is it doesn't matter too me anyway he won't be my president and its polices that matter, he could be green for all I care. Only "race" he is in is the political one.

I grew up watching a damn sexy woman on a TV show, first woman to have a major role sure she wore a short skirt but all the woman on that show did, one of the other stars wore pointy ears too ... I liked the short skirt ..the ears I'm not sure of.
That same show dealt with "race" once, a planet where one half was persecuted for being white on the left and black on the right or was it the other way around? Doesn't matter the point of that episode proved it didn't matter the colour of your skin you are all the same

We are all people underneath, we all bleed red blood all descended from the same two people or apes which ever way you want to call it ... I'm a firm believer in both actually and yes you can have both.

So am I or aren't I?

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