Saturday, May 24, 2008

For my dad

My dad

He stands with his hands on his hips

He’s slightly stooped

He coughs from the coal dust of many years ago

Thin and grey now

But I remember a tall middle aged man

Who would sit me on his lap and let me stroke his fine black hair

Already starting to grey a little by the time I was born

That’s my dad

A great grand father

Like his clock

Tall but slightly battered through travels of many countries

But now my dad has Parkinson’s his hands wobble

He has trouble moving

His clock a great, great grandfather of a clock will outlast him

Like it has other generations of our family

It outlasts him now ... my dad just died

Sunday, May 18, 2008

This is Multiply not Myspace

As a girl on my contacts list says "Some people just don't get Multiply"
which they don't of course they treat it like MySpace glitter this and music that adding everyone they can get their hands on
You know how many invites she gets in an hour? At least 3 or 4 not per day not per week but per HOUR , same with me sometimes I've gotten a few at a time even been pressing the decline button and theres another one popped up.
You know why I decline ? You read what it says on my page .... you have well they haven't
See what happens is this I post on somewhere like Customised Themes they see my post come up and they don't even look at the post just click my headshot and invite
They don't care who I am, don't even know I don't speak their language just straight out invite
What am I a thing to collect... listen I don't care if I haven't got 1 million friends this is Multiply not Myspace there is no popularity competition here
You know I happened to get on the top 20 MySpace most popular blogs once how or why I have no idea but I did, was nominated for best blog on 360 as well (Aussie 360) AND won a Cherry award but this is Multiply not Myspace or 360
I keep my friends list low and my group participation high I like it like that
don't count numbers or page views either lets see what have I got
viewed 6186 times by 2961 people since Nov 16, 2007
Had to go look because I NEVER look ..honestly I don't care to look

Don't need a pile of teenage girls on my list either Micheal wouldn't mind your invites though he's a teenage boy I'm not I'm 40+ years old
My own daughter is 18 don't think I need to be mother to a pile more teenage girls they make too much mess for a start

So yeah do you think some people think that Multiply is a version of Myspace or a more glittery HTML enabled version of 360 because I sure do

Saturday, May 3, 2008

someone make me a coffee please

anyone? don't care if it's cold ..actually yeah I do BRB then if you ain't gonna make me one I'll get it me self

Now that's just great that is now me jama pants are falling down ..thanks
should tie em up huh ..would be easier they wouldn't fall down then
I still got some chocolate left ... you know the fruit and NUT chocolate the one that "may contain peanuts" like *doh* really I should hope it does its fruit and nut chocolate what else would be in it..flipping oysters?
OWW now that I hate straight out the fridge the chocolates too hard annoying that is I don't need to be shoving 4 squares of choc in my mouth all at once..break will ya.
mmmanymay mits gong mow
whoops sorry about that can't talk with choc in mouth

So what you doing up at what 2.48am eating chocolate you ask? Well the big furry fing has a "Man Cold" oh lordy, lordy when he ain't snoring he's coughing, when he ain't coughing he's sniffing and all the time moaning .. men they are wimps its a cold for flips sake get ya own lemon drink ..ok complain when I make ya one then ..oh it won't hurt ya it's not poison its got honey lemon and water in it, no you don't sniff it with a scrunched up face you drink it
You would think I was trying to force it down his throat or I'd put what some *shock* Vegemite in it ... he don't like Vegemite ... I know weird huh he's born here he's more Aussie than me and he don't like it something very wrong there I recon
Anyway he's snoring ..sounds like a chain saw cross steam train cross jackhammer he keeps me awake all night is moaning all day so you wonder why I'm so tired
You know what I almost did before almost posted a theme on a group that doesn't do themes whoops ..that's what ya get when ya tired
You can tell can't ya I talk too much when I'm over tired.. don't I yep yep I do.. ok I'll shut up now and yes I know spull chuck befour posting