Saturday, February 23, 2008

Oh no you aren't ...Feb 24th 08

You know when you ask someone if they are ok and they say "yeah fine" and you know they aren't
Well tonight here's the FIL being carted off to hospital in an ambulance and yeah he's saying "I'm fine" which of course he wasn't ..will be of course in a few days hopefully but he definitely wasn't fine
See the FIL lives with Keef the BIL, Keef of course lost his leg due to diabetic complications and the FIL had a triple bypass about 3 years ago so we had one looking after the other then the other one looking after him
Keef gets around ok now he's got his leg you know the one you can take off at night saves on socks as well, he's fine but the FIL is still stressing over him well ok more like fussing and he wont say if he's not feeling good which he wasn't so he ends up getting worse because he wont say and doesn't want to worry Keef
I know silly isn't it

Yeah right he was "fine" wasn't fine at all ... flipping should have said something
This is a family with high BP and high blood sugar levels they are all diabetics as well its not good to say "I'm fine" when you aren't that's why Keef saves on socks now, he was "fine" till he ended up on the table ..and not the kitchen table either

Friday, February 22, 2008

more power grrrr ...Feb 23rd 08

guess what we got a camera dock but where to plug the thing in unless I snake a power cord across the room, 3 double power points in here ( 2 with power boards on them) and no where to plug the camera dock in typical that is
Why do most houses have the power boards on the floor? Well on the wall but may as well be on the floor flipping silly that is
When my mum built her house she got the power points put in 3 foot up the wall, except in my room electrician did my room first and mum yelled at him "Oi put em in the right place" and he goes "this one is" pointing to the one he's just put in (in my room) and she's like "you moron what's the good of that with it down there you can't get to the thing to plug anything in"
So yeah my power point was the only one in the house that was always under, behind and a flipping nuisance to get too
The ones here are like that got one in the lounge room that never gets used unless you move the chair then if I plug anything into it the dog who loves going behind the chair pulls the plugs out I go to turn the light on and nothing ...pulled out again grrrr

Oh and for those of you who don't live here our plugs have 3 pins like these

if you are interested you can click that image if you want it will take you to the site its from
AC/DC power of course ..which is where the group gots its name ... off a vacuumm cleaner

Oh another link just too go completely off topic AUTO LINKS In Your Notes & Replies
try it its fun

Thursday, February 21, 2008

yes dear...

I did wash the floor
I did do the dishes (I hate dishes too )
Did get out of my PJ's even though I am back in them now
Found some of my old pics hiding on Flickr and Photobucket, that flower is one of them
Got the printer working .. helps if its plugged in BTW
Started work on "Thunderbirds" theme
Had sardines for lunch
I did a lot today even washed my hair 4 hours ago mind you and its still wet
can't go to bed with it wet either I'll get the flu or turn blue or get a wet pillow something like that anyway

and seeing as its learn about Memes at the moment you can do this too ..only don't turn blue ..something about Smurfs ?? Oh yeah what colour does a Smurf turn when you strangle it?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


What is the definition of "rude"
is it naked offensive type rude, swearing type rude, argumentative rude?
"Shit te F8ck up moron"
"You are wrong, I'm right"

Or is it sarcastic rude
"are you sure you don't go to work on the yellow bus?"

What is "rude" ?
See sometimes I come across as rude I know I do, specially when the other person doesn't know me, I am offensive I know I am but I can't help it its the sarcasm
Thing is though I do know some people (via groups) who honestly well our budgie has a bigger brain, you deal with folks like that all day carefully explaining to them how to tie their shoes or not eat the glue you deal with people like that every day well some times the "rude" just comes out ...."here we go another show tying session...*rolls eyes* " ask Dave about changing usernames, he's got a stock comment for that question, which of course can sound "rude" specially if you don't know why he answers like that.
I offend some people I know I do but I'm not sticking my finger in their face and abusing them just being myself ...still come across as rude though

What is "rude" anyway?

Monday, February 18, 2008


I'm surrounded by idiots
"How do I install Multiply on my computer" is a good one ....the answer is you don't
No kidding some people should be wearing a hard hat and travelling on the yellow bus

The best one was the moron who posted some huge image on one of my blog entries, an image of naked women mind you, of course on their page it said "No images allowed, HTML turned off" that of course is an idiot with arrogance and was just plain old rude

A people who firmly believe that the so called war in Iraq is a war on terror are also fools themselves ..its a war about OIL about money and power and that is it! Nothing more nothing less
Arrogant idiots who think they rule the world ...which of course they don't but being idiots they don't know that
Wasters of power, fuel and the environment who think things like Seinfeld are funny, who have been brainwashed into thinking that their country was discovered in 1492 when that spanish guy sailed the ocean blue, a people who delegate their own natives to reservations yet send money to "poor" counties for so called aid, aid that comes back and bites them literally in the face in the form of guns and drugs

Yes there are idiots all around some of course are less arrogant than others , they are descended from the real "first" people, they live their lives being told that they are mean and wrong for standing up against authority and telling them to shut up . They live from the land or see the world from its real perspective not its disjointed stretched view.

Not arrogant, not rude, not loud or argumentative these are the smart people these are the intelligent ones ...the rest are just idiots