Wednesday, February 20, 2008


What is the definition of "rude"
is it naked offensive type rude, swearing type rude, argumentative rude?
"Shit te F8ck up moron"
"You are wrong, I'm right"

Or is it sarcastic rude
"are you sure you don't go to work on the yellow bus?"

What is "rude" ?
See sometimes I come across as rude I know I do, specially when the other person doesn't know me, I am offensive I know I am but I can't help it its the sarcasm
Thing is though I do know some people (via groups) who honestly well our budgie has a bigger brain, you deal with folks like that all day carefully explaining to them how to tie their shoes or not eat the glue you deal with people like that every day well some times the "rude" just comes out ...."here we go another show tying session...*rolls eyes* " ask Dave about changing usernames, he's got a stock comment for that question, which of course can sound "rude" specially if you don't know why he answers like that.
I offend some people I know I do but I'm not sticking my finger in their face and abusing them just being myself ...still come across as rude though

What is "rude" anyway?

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