Saturday, February 23, 2008

Oh no you aren't ...Feb 24th 08

You know when you ask someone if they are ok and they say "yeah fine" and you know they aren't
Well tonight here's the FIL being carted off to hospital in an ambulance and yeah he's saying "I'm fine" which of course he wasn't ..will be of course in a few days hopefully but he definitely wasn't fine
See the FIL lives with Keef the BIL, Keef of course lost his leg due to diabetic complications and the FIL had a triple bypass about 3 years ago so we had one looking after the other then the other one looking after him
Keef gets around ok now he's got his leg you know the one you can take off at night saves on socks as well, he's fine but the FIL is still stressing over him well ok more like fussing and he wont say if he's not feeling good which he wasn't so he ends up getting worse because he wont say and doesn't want to worry Keef
I know silly isn't it

Yeah right he was "fine" wasn't fine at all ... flipping should have said something
This is a family with high BP and high blood sugar levels they are all diabetics as well its not good to say "I'm fine" when you aren't that's why Keef saves on socks now, he was "fine" till he ended up on the table ..and not the kitchen table either

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