Friday, February 22, 2008

more power grrrr ...Feb 23rd 08

guess what we got a camera dock but where to plug the thing in unless I snake a power cord across the room, 3 double power points in here ( 2 with power boards on them) and no where to plug the camera dock in typical that is
Why do most houses have the power boards on the floor? Well on the wall but may as well be on the floor flipping silly that is
When my mum built her house she got the power points put in 3 foot up the wall, except in my room electrician did my room first and mum yelled at him "Oi put em in the right place" and he goes "this one is" pointing to the one he's just put in (in my room) and she's like "you moron what's the good of that with it down there you can't get to the thing to plug anything in"
So yeah my power point was the only one in the house that was always under, behind and a flipping nuisance to get too
The ones here are like that got one in the lounge room that never gets used unless you move the chair then if I plug anything into it the dog who loves going behind the chair pulls the plugs out I go to turn the light on and nothing ...pulled out again grrrr

Oh and for those of you who don't live here our plugs have 3 pins like these

if you are interested you can click that image if you want it will take you to the site its from
AC/DC power of course ..which is where the group gots its name ... off a vacuumm cleaner

Oh another link just too go completely off topic AUTO LINKS In Your Notes & Replies
try it its fun

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