Thursday, March 26, 2009

No wonder my ears were burning

Apparently at the boca tweetup (what ever that is) last week my name came up ...scary thought
anyway I'm a "Multiply user who makes graphics and stuff" which is a straight quote from the person who said it (get off I'm not telling who it's a secret)
I'm not sure what kind of stuff I do but yeah I do stuff LoL
Spose if you are going to be talked about for stuff it may as well be good stuff which is what I do ... I do stuff

Is interesting though the things you get to know via Twitter

Monday, February 9, 2009


The toll might over 130 now but that is just people
I was talking to my Aunt on the phone today had to ring her she lives in the Melbourne outskirts
My aunty shows Newfoundlands (huge hairy black or black and white dogs) and one of the breeders didn't turn up for a show yesterday the breeder lives in Kinglake
This woman has not only lost her home but her dogs and kennels as well

Then there are the native animals the ones that can't get away so fast the koalas and lizards
(no one ever worries about the snakes)
It's not grazing land out there so not so many sheep and cattle but there will be horses and other smaller domestic pets
See it's not just the human lives that are being lost but animals , during Ash Wednesday a lot of sheep where trapped up against fences and unable to get away they were overrun by fire
I wasn't worried about my things when we evacuated only photo albums and my dog, my mothers corgi and our cat all three were secured and in the car before we were
Think I was even more worried about the cat that belonged to the landlord (they moved the cat wouldn't) it was loose wouldn't come near the house because of the dogs it did survive though same as our house because of the apple orchard sprinkler system
Think the worst thing was driving through the actual fire getting away not only the fire but the animals we saw running away as well mainly natives and rabbits
Ash Wednesday was bad but this ..this is worse I lived through Ash Wednesday and today with the smoke haze hanging around I was reminded of it same time of year only over 20 years ago now
The death toll from this one will rise the animals the ones in hospital with burns I know my best friend from High School her father was the last person to die from Ash Wednesday it took months for him to die from his burns it will be the same this time

The smell of smoke is the worst
It reminds me of fear
the fear of being over run of the uncontrollable
of death and devastation
of total black
a midday sun turned red
a totally different world of fear and angst
I hope to never have to live through that ever again

Please if you wish to donate click here for more information - includes a number to call if you are outside of Australia and unable to contact relatives

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

10 thought tuesday

hardly ever do those .. no never do so yeah seeing as I'm up and kinda half awake might as well .. don't worry I'm going back to bed in a bit before it gets too light to sleep

1. Should I be defragging while AVG is running possibly not but I am

2. Should I be here and not asleep possibly not but I am

3. Why did I think it was Feb 14th tomorrow?

4. OK fess up who ate my Vegemite? I found the jar shoved right at the back of te cupboard half gone the neice was here she did make 1 sandwitch but shoot that much dang ... kill ya self eating that much at once

5. Why do some people when you are trying to get into the supermarket walk slow can't they see they are making a nuisance of themselves? No kidding this lot couldn't have walked any slower if they tried

6.Why is it when you get a bindy they allways stick in the softest part of your foot?
Ok who's going to ask "what's a bindy?"

7. Why did I get an invite that says 'thanks" .. what did I do this time? Actuallly I posted on thier page ..thank you for what?

8.Why is it so hot ? I blame the cows it's the methane, actually blame Mc Donalds they get third world countries to produce cows for meat patties so I blame Maccas for global warming

9.Why is the dog under my desk its 5.30am .. dog go to bed I'll run you over with the computer chair wheels again like I did earlier on

10. why am I yawning? oh yeah 5.30am got up at 3am because it was so hot should go back to bed actually