Thursday, March 26, 2009

No wonder my ears were burning

Apparently at the boca tweetup (what ever that is) last week my name came up ...scary thought
anyway I'm a "Multiply user who makes graphics and stuff" which is a straight quote from the person who said it (get off I'm not telling who it's a secret)
I'm not sure what kind of stuff I do but yeah I do stuff LoL
Spose if you are going to be talked about for stuff it may as well be good stuff which is what I do ... I do stuff

Is interesting though the things you get to know via Twitter

Monday, February 9, 2009


The toll might over 130 now but that is just people
I was talking to my Aunt on the phone today had to ring her she lives in the Melbourne outskirts
My aunty shows Newfoundlands (huge hairy black or black and white dogs) and one of the breeders didn't turn up for a show yesterday the breeder lives in Kinglake
This woman has not only lost her home but her dogs and kennels as well

Then there are the native animals the ones that can't get away so fast the koalas and lizards
(no one ever worries about the snakes)
It's not grazing land out there so not so many sheep and cattle but there will be horses and other smaller domestic pets
See it's not just the human lives that are being lost but animals , during Ash Wednesday a lot of sheep where trapped up against fences and unable to get away they were overrun by fire
I wasn't worried about my things when we evacuated only photo albums and my dog, my mothers corgi and our cat all three were secured and in the car before we were
Think I was even more worried about the cat that belonged to the landlord (they moved the cat wouldn't) it was loose wouldn't come near the house because of the dogs it did survive though same as our house because of the apple orchard sprinkler system
Think the worst thing was driving through the actual fire getting away not only the fire but the animals we saw running away as well mainly natives and rabbits
Ash Wednesday was bad but this ..this is worse I lived through Ash Wednesday and today with the smoke haze hanging around I was reminded of it same time of year only over 20 years ago now
The death toll from this one will rise the animals the ones in hospital with burns I know my best friend from High School her father was the last person to die from Ash Wednesday it took months for him to die from his burns it will be the same this time

The smell of smoke is the worst
It reminds me of fear
the fear of being over run of the uncontrollable
of death and devastation
of total black
a midday sun turned red
a totally different world of fear and angst
I hope to never have to live through that ever again

Please if you wish to donate click here for more information - includes a number to call if you are outside of Australia and unable to contact relatives

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

10 thought tuesday

hardly ever do those .. no never do so yeah seeing as I'm up and kinda half awake might as well .. don't worry I'm going back to bed in a bit before it gets too light to sleep

1. Should I be defragging while AVG is running possibly not but I am

2. Should I be here and not asleep possibly not but I am

3. Why did I think it was Feb 14th tomorrow?

4. OK fess up who ate my Vegemite? I found the jar shoved right at the back of te cupboard half gone the neice was here she did make 1 sandwitch but shoot that much dang ... kill ya self eating that much at once

5. Why do some people when you are trying to get into the supermarket walk slow can't they see they are making a nuisance of themselves? No kidding this lot couldn't have walked any slower if they tried

6.Why is it when you get a bindy they allways stick in the softest part of your foot?
Ok who's going to ask "what's a bindy?"

7. Why did I get an invite that says 'thanks" .. what did I do this time? Actuallly I posted on thier page ..thank you for what?

8.Why is it so hot ? I blame the cows it's the methane, actually blame Mc Donalds they get third world countries to produce cows for meat patties so I blame Maccas for global warming

9.Why is the dog under my desk its 5.30am .. dog go to bed I'll run you over with the computer chair wheels again like I did earlier on

10. why am I yawning? oh yeah 5.30am got up at 3am because it was so hot should go back to bed actually

Monday, December 29, 2008

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Who is bellaswan334 ?

If that's anyone who is reading this guess what you just lost your account
BellaBlue452 you lost your account on the Build a Bear Workshop
jaspersgirl100 you lost your account on Twilight Fans

No I'm not hacking them gee wizz I don't do things like that ...
who ever that is is using my email address to make those accounts, of course the activation and password is being sent to me I'm changing the passwords !!

You use MY email like *doh* something is gunna happen to your account

Friday, November 28, 2008

I'm not that good

I'm not that good, know this for a fact don't go about telling people how wonderful I am boasting to all that can hear because I'm not all that good
If I was magically fantastical with everything we would have 9 working monitors instead of three, and a dozen working printers instead of the few that do work because can't magically fill them with ink ..I'm not that good

If I knew everything it would be boring there wouldn't be anything new left to learn
If I had a darkroom I'd develop my own photographs
If I had a dishwasher the dishes would be washed
A workshop I'd work on the car
but I don't
I don't know everything and I'm not that good, never said I was

What I do know is what I know and how to share it
What I am is straight forward if there is a problem I'll tell you what it is
What I do excel at is double meanings which some just don't get
What I can do is write
What I am isn't perfect and never will be
because no one is perfect and they never can be

Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm telling you he's a plick with ears

No joke that twat next door, the drunken fool upsets the dog yells across the fence at midnight just as I'm about to go to bed that the dogs been barking all night ..blah blah *hic*..fall over in the dark... well don't know if he fell over but he sounded so drunk he possibly did
Anyway the dogs been inside all the time only let her out so she could wee and come back in because the plick with ears taps on his fence so she barks which means I can't leave her outside
besides she don't like being outside at night hates it , ok in the day time but night time she's scared ..woosie dog.
So anyway I yell back at him right mate I'm calling the coppers out on ya, only it's Friday night (Saturday morning) so they're busy aren't they typical hopefully though they will be here tomorrow morning

Had trouble with him before see the goose saga it's on the blog somewhere possibly tagged "dog"
Looks like we might have to take out an AVO on him or maybe a big fat 2 by 4? Just to stop him harassing us by spying on everything we do, the guy is out there at 7am when the hairy one goes off to work, sitting on his back veranda watching , this is the same guy who won't mow his back lawn the bit between the fence and the road because it's the councils job but no one can walk on it as if they would anyway the grass is 6 foot high because it's his
I mow up too but not over his side btw

Oh and it's not just us he harasses either, the neighbour on the other side of him and Greg the lawn mowing guy (2 houses down) and the neighbour on our right I'll swear moved because of him
He won't let his son play with any of the other kids in the street, he's 7 I think and all he does is bounce a football against the wall in his backyard while the other kids are playing in the street.

Here look I'll show you where we live (2 year old Google satelite map), Greg's place has a red roof on the left , ours has an arrow pointing to it (grey roof) in the middle and his (the plick with ears) has a browny red roof on the right... can you see his grass at the back see told you it was long

Pretty bad huh when your long grass shows up on a Google map ...LoL those are trees, you can't really see his grass
Can see the cemetary though ... might even be able to see him sitting hiding on his veranda his head is shiny enough might be able to if you look close
Anyway now it's 2am and I've calmed down a bit I might be able to go to bed now
Stoopid plick hope he did fall over in the dark

Thursday, August 28, 2008


think I was bored before wasn't I?
no idea , was I?

my back is hurting, mowed the lawn I KNOW shock horror amazement the lawn mower actually started wonders will never cease
Might possibly have started because it had a new spark plug and I mean a brand new one this time not an old 2nd hand one in a new looking box that "looked" like it was a brand new one
You know the [smarta$$] cousin he sticks this spark plug in it right when lawn mover was residing at FIL's and tells them its brand new one backside it was and he charged them $5 for it he's such a rip off merchant
Anyway still got a bit of lawn to mow as its a PITB lawn mower one of those with a "deadmans switch" handle means you can't let go of it or it stops and you have to start the dang thing up again, so if you don't have a garden furniture mover handy and you are mowing by yourself, you have to mow around things I mowed around things
kills my back though mowing does must be the vibrations from the mower I don't know as I can push it around ok don't know anyway I'm ok as long as I don't have to bend over and have you seen our fridge?
Our fridge is built for midgets its tiny only about 4 foot tall so getting milk out for my coffee is a bit of a pain
Think I might go to bed and warm my back on the furry one bit like having a furry hot water bottle that snores except he's not made of rubber and he don't make sloshing noises, well he does make noises but its more like a chain saw LoL

anyway cup is empty ..... did you drink that?
find some pain killers and go to bed, made the mistake last night of taking the pain killers before I logged out then of course I was sat here longer because my back wasn't hurting started again when I got into bed, not exactly what I wanted so do it the right way around this time huh

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

its all in the guts

Connect IDE to disk drive making sure cable select is pinned correctly
insert ram horizontally, remove video card for easier insertion and replace
DOS dir a:
BIOS check for master status and boot device
drop screws on floor while trying to tighten up alignment of HDD
insert dummy ROM to cover up fact that rom slot cover is broken
trip over case cover from another computer three or four times

ok you want me to type in English right , not sure if I can had my head stuck inside the computers guts for most of the morning sounds disgusting that does
well it kind of is, was a bit of dust in there
Anyway computer is fixed now Frank the computer that is, he's all back and running again using the parts from another computer yet agian.
Someone broke his face though so it looks like he has two roms (burner and CD) doesn't actually ones a dummy not plugged in because the plastic plate "hole" cover wont stay on now very annoying because that one was painted to match
It should look the same as its partner .. is a silly thing I know but we have matching cases, keyboards and mice only Frank doesn't match now he's slightly "off"
Anyway won't explain what I had to do inside Franks guts if you didn't understand what I wrote first you'll have no idea what I did
No kidding though I wish those pin selectors would come off easier have to use tweezers to get them out and I've dropped one or two inside cases before, things are so tiny and slipperly as well they should have knobs on them so you can get them off easier with your fingers and don't get me going about case wires either change cases the wires for the lights never fit on the pins on the motherboard
The ram wouldn't go in because the Video card was in the way had to take that out to get the ram in and then out it back

Ok I'll shut up I'm talking "computer lingo" again, I've been in the guts I've fixed the guts up and now we have a computer without guts because its guts are in this one, well parts of them anyway
and no I did not put a sheep in the computer LoL that would be silly

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dana! you drink my coffee again??

I'll swear no kidding, Dana is still drinking my coffee

extra long straw that girl has
with all the suction of a Dyson vacuum

back .. ok who typed that bit ?? wasn't me well ok maybe it was LoL
Speaking of the coffee drinker with the long straw, there's a big difference between me and her you know she can sit there and write about things I can't you know, she can write about death and people in her life, how they lived what they were what they still are
I can't almost 3 months now and I've been shoving it back in it hurts you know , hurts too much I can feel it trying to get out and it hurts so I put this big fat band aid over the top of the leak, you know the one the one with the big yellow smiley face on it, I stick that on the leak.
Don't want pity don't want anyone to see me cry , I've been smoking too much, not sleeping well not exactly not sleeping not wanting to go to bed more like it, drinking more coffee than I should doesn't help the fact that the cup is always empty and there's never enough chocolate around here

I'm burying my head in the sand here, not wanting to come out, you know I've played every level of Zoo Tycoon (Dinosaur and Marine upgrade) and made so many themes since the end of May I've lost count, have to keep myself busy can't start thinking can't let it out I'm afraid it wont go back in if I do

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

TP, Wap and Washed Windows

what was I going to write ?? umm shoot forgot anyway I worked out the phone its got an icon thingy I click on that and it takes me to the WAP thingy I can then sign in to emails and stuff
but one problem the dang phone has auto complete I type (well mobile phone type) M which is fine then go to type an "i" but it does put an i? no it does not it puts Miierinda or something flip knows I know it took me 1/2 an hour to type my name out every time I pressed a letter 3 times it made words on me instead which I had to delete
Don't worry I didn't do that while I was in the WAP thing ..only used 95cents of my credit so far and wasn't using up a whole $20 typing my name , anyway have to work out how to turn off the auto complete on it, its a bloomin nuisance if I want to compose the word Missy its press 6 once, 4 three times, 7 eight times and 9 three times
I can TXT faster that way rather than it "thinking" what words I want I can do them myself faster
So still haven't been able to email from the phone .. could get stuff for it I spose maybe a Guns n Roses ring tone ? anything would be better than that stupid ones that are loaded on it rap cr*ap whoops did I type an a there I did didn't I oh well LoL

What the heck was the other thing? Ummm I washed windows today can see out now, don't think that was it though that's pretty boring apart from the fact that I had to do them with TP because I didn't have newspaper ..who buys newspapers nowadays? Anyway didn't have any and I'm looking at this terrible cheap TP and I thought well its paper isn't it ..shut up with the laughing( I know you are don't deny it) it worked thank you very much

Speaking of the TP this batch is terrible you heard the saying "thin as TP" well this fits it no kidding you have to use twice as much because its so thin, silly thing is right it's cheap BUT because we are using twice as much it's not saving a dang thing ..not getting that agian

Thursday, July 24, 2008

on a go slow ..and how do you use this thing??

Having a hard time opening pages at the moment , our internet is on a go slow
used it all up I think and have to wait till the end of the month til it comes back fast again when is that next week I think
anyway bit slow at the moment and it ain't me

In other news I've got a new mobile phone ..its a metallic pink Motorola got a camera on it and it does other things as well ..hasn't rung yet then again this is me, my phone never rings the house phone does but my mobile doesn't
have to work out how to get pics from the mobile onto here ..or somewhere no idea how you upload the things onto a place like here no idea how to get them onto the comp either oh well
and no I don't have a book for it ..its new one for me but its a 2nd hand one about 2 years old
got given one before exactly the same had the charger but it didn't work was my nieces and her son had thrown it in the bath, this one that works which didn't have a charger or a book is from the nephews girlfriend ..confused yet ?
Two phones both exactly the same and I've ended up with one that works ..can even charge it up and it has flashing lights and makes noises kinda neat
Now all I want is a new battery for the "antique" Nokia brick love that one it doesn't do photos doesn't do Mp3's it's just cool and as big as my handbag won't loose that one in a hurry LoL

So how do you do things on one of these fancy phones never had one before and seeing as my pages are slow as a wet week may as well learn how to use the dang thing even if it never rings ..flip me if my phone rings I jump out of my skin wondering what the noise is
I'm serious about not knowing here btw ...tell me how do you do email and stuff like that on one of these phones???

and if you know my number it's the same ..same number just "new" phone is all
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Friday, June 20, 2008

get on with it!

I'm telling you don't do it, no kidding don't ..oh you did didn't you , couldn't help it could you , you just had to go ahead and do it
Look at the mess you've made now , its all over the place and you are sat in it as well, why do they allways sit in it?

I'm not cleaning this mess up you realise, no not doing it you are going to have to clean this one up all by yourself , last time you did this it took 2 weeks of scrubbing to get this place cleaned up.

Now you have gone and done it again , I'm not happy you know
I want this place cleaned up by tommorrow at the latest , you hear me
What was that ? Did I hear sorry? Don't think I did you know , you do know how to say the word don't you its not that difficult.

Look I've had enough of you, this had better be cleaned up next time I look or you won't play in here agian
What you don't realise, this isn't just your area you have messed up , its not mine either it belongs to everyone and I want to see you down on your hands and knees scrubbing this place clean , not for me for everyone else
You haven't just let me down but everyone else as well , we aren't happy not one bit

Now get on with it!

I'm posting this here as well so it will cross post too blogger/multiply

Monday, June 2, 2008

Mothers and sisters

Only got one mother and one sister (TG for that)
my sister my little big sister whos only 5' 3" but 12 years older than me is a nut job
My poor mother was going insane with her around , I mean look ok she cleaned up and dusted for mum who doesn't dust or vaccuum like ever , my dad used to do that and since he's been sick mums had a cleaner come in but the cleaner was organised via the nursing home so seeing as my dad is longer there no cleaner
Thing is right my sister cleaned the furniture and dusted alright but no kidding you should have seen the kitchen floor , think it was polenta from the "thing" she was making I dunno what it was some kind of flat bread with no taste at all anyway most of it was on the floor
Still trying to get my head around her new hubbie ok so he's Indian and a Muslim that doesn't worry me he's very quiet and has no idea what you are saying half the time but he's only 36 years old that's younger than me, she's old enough to be his mother
Poor little bugga didn't get his dinner till 8pm the other night even though he's Muslim you should have seen his eyes light up when mum offered to get pizza for dinner but my sister says "but I'm cooking" this was at 6pm only took her another 2 hours for the food to arrive Mum had cooked for herself by then
Oh my sister keeps hiding stuff on mum as well , ok not exactly hiding but putting stuff away in the wrong places I was chasing her around and putting them back were they should go
Yes mum does need organising and I could have stayed another week down there , see that's what I used to do for mum clean the fridge out tidy cupboards that kind of thing not move stuff or make more mess
See I lived with mum and dad for longer than she did I got married at 19 and that's when I moved out only moving up the road , my sister stayed in England when we moved to Australia she was 17-18 , came to OZ when she was 24 but didn't live long in mum and dads house
I've lived with them longer I KNOW where stuff goes , even though mum has moved house the "things" are still in the same places you don't move stuff or mum can't find it and if you make mess you clean it up or its still there next time.

I think my sister will be ending up a little shorter soon because mum is going to whop her on the head with the frying pan