Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm telling you he's a plick with ears

No joke that twat next door, the drunken fool upsets the dog yells across the fence at midnight just as I'm about to go to bed that the dogs been barking all night ..blah blah *hic*..fall over in the dark... well don't know if he fell over but he sounded so drunk he possibly did
Anyway the dogs been inside all the time only let her out so she could wee and come back in because the plick with ears taps on his fence so she barks which means I can't leave her outside
besides she don't like being outside at night hates it , ok in the day time but night time she's scared ..woosie dog.
So anyway I yell back at him right mate I'm calling the coppers out on ya, only it's Friday night (Saturday morning) so they're busy aren't they typical hopefully though they will be here tomorrow morning

Had trouble with him before see the goose saga it's on the blog somewhere possibly tagged "dog"
Looks like we might have to take out an AVO on him or maybe a big fat 2 by 4? Just to stop him harassing us by spying on everything we do, the guy is out there at 7am when the hairy one goes off to work, sitting on his back veranda watching , this is the same guy who won't mow his back lawn the bit between the fence and the road because it's the councils job but no one can walk on it as if they would anyway the grass is 6 foot high because it's his
I mow up too but not over his side btw

Oh and it's not just us he harasses either, the neighbour on the other side of him and Greg the lawn mowing guy (2 houses down) and the neighbour on our right I'll swear moved because of him
He won't let his son play with any of the other kids in the street, he's 7 I think and all he does is bounce a football against the wall in his backyard while the other kids are playing in the street.

Here look I'll show you where we live (2 year old Google satelite map), Greg's place has a red roof on the left , ours has an arrow pointing to it (grey roof) in the middle and his (the plick with ears) has a browny red roof on the right... can you see his grass at the back see told you it was long

Pretty bad huh when your long grass shows up on a Google map ...LoL those are trees, you can't really see his grass
Can see the cemetary though ... might even be able to see him sitting hiding on his veranda his head is shiny enough might be able to if you look close
Anyway now it's 2am and I've calmed down a bit I might be able to go to bed now
Stoopid plick hope he did fall over in the dark

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