Friday, November 28, 2008

I'm not that good

I'm not that good, know this for a fact don't go about telling people how wonderful I am boasting to all that can hear because I'm not all that good
If I was magically fantastical with everything we would have 9 working monitors instead of three, and a dozen working printers instead of the few that do work because can't magically fill them with ink ..I'm not that good

If I knew everything it would be boring there wouldn't be anything new left to learn
If I had a darkroom I'd develop my own photographs
If I had a dishwasher the dishes would be washed
A workshop I'd work on the car
but I don't
I don't know everything and I'm not that good, never said I was

What I do know is what I know and how to share it
What I am is straight forward if there is a problem I'll tell you what it is
What I do excel at is double meanings which some just don't get
What I can do is write
What I am isn't perfect and never will be
because no one is perfect and they never can be

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