Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dana! you drink my coffee again??

I'll swear no kidding, Dana is still drinking my coffee

extra long straw that girl has
with all the suction of a Dyson vacuum

back .. ok who typed that bit ?? wasn't me well ok maybe it was LoL
Speaking of the coffee drinker with the long straw, there's a big difference between me and her you know she can sit there and write about things I can't you know, she can write about death and people in her life, how they lived what they were what they still are
I can't almost 3 months now and I've been shoving it back in it hurts you know , hurts too much I can feel it trying to get out and it hurts so I put this big fat band aid over the top of the leak, you know the one the one with the big yellow smiley face on it, I stick that on the leak.
Don't want pity don't want anyone to see me cry , I've been smoking too much, not sleeping well not exactly not sleeping not wanting to go to bed more like it, drinking more coffee than I should doesn't help the fact that the cup is always empty and there's never enough chocolate around here

I'm burying my head in the sand here, not wanting to come out, you know I've played every level of Zoo Tycoon (Dinosaur and Marine upgrade) and made so many themes since the end of May I've lost count, have to keep myself busy can't start thinking can't let it out I'm afraid it wont go back in if I do

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