Friday, June 20, 2008

get on with it!

I'm telling you don't do it, no kidding don't ..oh you did didn't you , couldn't help it could you , you just had to go ahead and do it
Look at the mess you've made now , its all over the place and you are sat in it as well, why do they allways sit in it?

I'm not cleaning this mess up you realise, no not doing it you are going to have to clean this one up all by yourself , last time you did this it took 2 weeks of scrubbing to get this place cleaned up.

Now you have gone and done it again , I'm not happy you know
I want this place cleaned up by tommorrow at the latest , you hear me
What was that ? Did I hear sorry? Don't think I did you know , you do know how to say the word don't you its not that difficult.

Look I've had enough of you, this had better be cleaned up next time I look or you won't play in here agian
What you don't realise, this isn't just your area you have messed up , its not mine either it belongs to everyone and I want to see you down on your hands and knees scrubbing this place clean , not for me for everyone else
You haven't just let me down but everyone else as well , we aren't happy not one bit

Now get on with it!

I'm posting this here as well so it will cross post too blogger/multiply

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