Thursday, July 24, 2008

on a go slow ..and how do you use this thing??

Having a hard time opening pages at the moment , our internet is on a go slow
used it all up I think and have to wait till the end of the month til it comes back fast again when is that next week I think
anyway bit slow at the moment and it ain't me

In other news I've got a new mobile phone ..its a metallic pink Motorola got a camera on it and it does other things as well ..hasn't rung yet then again this is me, my phone never rings the house phone does but my mobile doesn't
have to work out how to get pics from the mobile onto here ..or somewhere no idea how you upload the things onto a place like here no idea how to get them onto the comp either oh well
and no I don't have a book for it ..its new one for me but its a 2nd hand one about 2 years old
got given one before exactly the same had the charger but it didn't work was my nieces and her son had thrown it in the bath, this one that works which didn't have a charger or a book is from the nephews girlfriend ..confused yet ?
Two phones both exactly the same and I've ended up with one that works ..can even charge it up and it has flashing lights and makes noises kinda neat
Now all I want is a new battery for the "antique" Nokia brick love that one it doesn't do photos doesn't do Mp3's it's just cool and as big as my handbag won't loose that one in a hurry LoL

So how do you do things on one of these fancy phones never had one before and seeing as my pages are slow as a wet week may as well learn how to use the dang thing even if it never rings ..flip me if my phone rings I jump out of my skin wondering what the noise is
I'm serious about not knowing here btw ...tell me how do you do email and stuff like that on one of these phones???

and if you know my number it's the same ..same number just "new" phone is all
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