Saturday, March 1, 2008


I want one ..
No seriously haven't got one always wanted one.. butterfly on my ankle if you must know

Thing is though this young lad I know (extended family) just got a tattoo on his arm and you know what the first words out of my mouth were? "Is it a stick on one?" because that is exactly what it looks like it looks like one of those stick on temporary ones looks like he's licked it stuck it in his left hand and gone plonk stuck it between his elbow and shoulder
It looks wrong, totally wrong ..wrong place for one
The nephew came over this morning and he's got the same tattoo ( must have been a job lot) but his is up higher on his arm just under his shoulder his doesn't look stuck on it looks cool
The other lad his just looks bad

I had my ears pierced 3 times in each ear by the time I was 14 , always wanted more but ran out of soft part on my ear, now of course I could get one up the top through the cartilage
Its fashion all these kids with piercings and I'm like yeah so I had six piercings in 1980
Back then of course if a boy had both ears pierced he was gay "left ear only" was straight guys different now of course

Anyway back to tattoos but still about piercings is it the place that makes the tattoo look cool? The Nephew has an excellent Reaper on his left shoulder blade and an Iron Cross on his arm, his tattoos look cool, the other lad well I'll swear he doesn't like girls if it was 1980 he would have both ears pierced ..if his next one is a butterfly on his ankle I'll know for sure

Are there "girls" tattoos for girly places on the body and "manly" tattoos and places for men?

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