Sunday, March 9, 2008

Price of fuel .. warning contains Math

Yesterday I bought 10 litres of fuel for the car, unleaded for the White Magna (its the FIL's)

Now that 10 litres of fuel cost me $15 with a 42 cent discount fuel voucher total was $14.62
or $3.95 for 3.79 litres (ONE US gallon)
Now that's still in AU money so let me convert that for you, it works out to $3.66 in US dollars or $3.66 per gallon

1 US gallon = 3.79 Litres
$1.44 AUD = $1.33618 USD

10 litres of fuel or 2.64 gallons of fuel cost me $13.95 in US money!

Now who exacly is paying more for fuel?
How many of you who live in the US pay $13 for two and a half gallons of fuel?

Don't know why you complain about the price ...your fuel prices are cheap!

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