Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'm wearing a bucket

just a bucket
nothing else
its got flowers on it
you can put fish in it
or a sponge for cleaning things

Its 5am here
I need to sleep but can't
I lie in bed thinking
brain going million miles an hour
what can I do next
how can I do that
I sleep for a while then the phone rings
or the snoring wakes me
Shouldn't even be on here now
should be sleeping but I can't
too much to do
too much too think about
Old magazines
New desks
Elephants and Spawn
Not looking at spoilers of Lost
Want to know who wins American Idol instead
Want to know why that judge on that show doesn't take a happy pill

Think I'll be seeing another sunrise soon
Which is good in a way
means I'm still alive

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